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It's Liam's senior year in high school, and it's his last time playing high school hockey. His team has never made it to the state tournament, but he wants to make this year different, especially with a new coach on the team. But after the first game of the season, the blood flows down the drain and into the darkness. Someone has committed the ultimate penalty.


While the boys struggle in their high school drama, Liam suffers an unexplainable haunting. He has nightmares of his father, and his team is on a downward slope, but then he realizes the hauntings connect back to his home rink. Liam must solve the chilling horror to bring order back into his team. He wants the boys back, and he really just wants to play hockey.



After a long winter, the summer melts the lakes in Minnesota. The trees grow their green leaves, and the heat soaks the rain. Liam and Ash are done with high school, but hockey isn't over for them. They have been selected to attend a hockey camp. Camp Kelmo. Thirty kids have been selected to retreat in the wilderness to be a part of this new organization.



When they arrive to the camp on a classy coach bus, they find their cabins and bunks with their new friends. But when their training starts, Liam realizes this isn't any ordinary camp, and his arch rival is here. While Liam and Ben rebound memories between each other, Liam must find a way to get out of this prison, but the Hunters in the woods won't let anyone leave.



The Barn. It's still alive. After all of these seasons blowing by, Liam encounters its haunting wake the week before Christmas. Liam and Barrett must venture off on an unknown exploration around the state of Minnesota, gathering clues and puzzle pieces to the historic arena. There's only one way to end The Barn, and while they cannot kill it, Liam and his crew must heal it.


In the midst of their journey, all fogged and smudged, they're chased by a man who wants answers. The investigator needs to crack this cold case, ending it once and for all. Liam fears for his friends as the tracks lead them to dead ends. All the pieces of the puzzle scatter around classic Minnesota hockey rinks, but the traps intend to kill them, protecting The Barn for good.

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Picture Book

Based on his worldwide selling trilogy, Ethan Marek rewrote his story into a screenplay in hopes for it to conjure onto the big screen one day. He had dreamt to entertain adults and kids with suspenseful, yet meaningful, stories. The Penalty takes the reader on an abnormal trip where hockey rinks have a life of their own, and all are not healthy. These monsters only gain their distress from the sickness inside their bellies, hence, the abuse and bullying athletes might live through. Luckily, there's a cold group called the Shadows who where cloaks among the public to hide their identity, prepared to fight the bugs off in hopes for the arenas' healing.

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