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ATSX Training

I need to compete in the Red Bull Race. I will.

Ever since I could walk, I could skate. I played hockey my whole life. And when I played Juniors at the age of 20, the sport fell in a shadow. From my emotions and motivation, I didn't want to put down the work I put my body, money, and energy through to get to where I am today. I've always loved competition, and it has to be in a pair of skates. Here I am, ready to race in Red Bull's Downhill Cross-Ice. I'm ready.


Road to Junior Hockey.

I was out of shape after graduating an accelerated DREAM school I attended down in Florida, Full Sail University. While the location didn't suit me well (as well as no vehicle), the Covid Pandemic brought me home earlier than expected.

That's when I applied to work as a hockey coach.

And at that hockey facility, I got back on my feet and decided it's time to step back on the ice and play hockey.

Well, long story short, I spent TWO YEARS working toward a team. I had 15 teams ask me to play for them, but I went with one that was closest to home . . .

Unfortunately, no one cared about my playing abilities on the team. So, here I am, ready to skate the living heck out of the ice in ATSX.

I'm excited for the independency.

Although these clips aren't recent and don't show me at full speed on open ice, I wanted to post them to show my motivation and effort towards skating. I wouldn't be where I am today without my two years of recovery and hard-sweat work. It was painful at first, but I keep working for my goal until I have fulfilled it.

My rollerblades will be here soon. Stay up to date to watch my speed on the wheels.

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